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Dubai is world’s first paperless government

Achievement marks the start of a new stage in journey to digitalize all aspects of life


Dubai has achieved the objectives of the Dubai Paperless Strategy launched in 2018 to establish itself as a leading digital capital and become the world’s first paperless government.

All internal and external transactions and procedures in the Government of Dubai are now 100% digital and managed from a comprehensive digital government services platform.

The achievement marks the beginning of a new stage in Dubai’s journey to digitalize life in all its aspects – a journey rooted in innovation, creativity, and a focus on the future. It strengthens Dubai’s position as a global role model for integrated and sustainable smart cities.

The next stage will be marked by advanced strategies to create and enhance digital life in Dubai over the next five decades. It will enable and empower future governments to meet the expectations of the residents of a thriving smart city and provide them with renewed opportunities for prosperity, sustainable development, and happiness.

The achievement coincides with the UAE’s 50th anniversary celebrations and will have a positive impact on government efficiency. It will enable the optimal use of resources and encourage greater use of innovation and technology to design advanced solutions and digitalization of services and procedures.

The Dubai Paperless Strategy was implemented in five consecutive phases, each of which enlisted a different group of Dubai Government entities. By the end of the fifth phase, the strategy was fully implemented across all 45 government entities in the city. These entities provide more than 1,800 digital services and over 10,500 key transactions.

Collaboration and integration among participating entities enabled the automation of processes and services provided to customers, cutting paper consumption by more than 336 million sheets. The strategy also helped save more than AED 1.3 billion and over 14 million business hours across government.