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JERA sets up MEA subsidiary

Dubai will be operations base for the region


JERA Co., Inc. has established a subsidiary in Dubai, JERA Middle East and Africa Management Co., Ltd., as its base of operations in the Middle East.

Economic growth in the Middle East is accompanied by growing demand for electric power; numerous power generation and infrastructure projects are planned, including those for gas-fired power generation and large-scale renewable energy.

Anticipating growing international demand in the future, in recent years an increasing number of projects have focused on the production of clean fuels such as hydrogen and ammonia. Large-scale power generation and infrastructure projects are also increasing in neighboring Central Asia and Africa, making it a region with great potential for future business expansion.

JERA has relationships with business partners in the Middle East region through many years of LNG procurement and participation in power generation and infrastructure projects. As JERA’s base of operations in the region, JERA MEA will manage the six power generation and infrastructure projects in which JERA participates. It will also be responsible for leveraging existing partner relationships in identifying and gathering information on new projects in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa.

In addition to the gas-fired power generation and seawater desalination businesses in which JERA has participated to date, JERA MEA will also strive to develop a wide range of businesses including large-scale renewable energy and clean fuel production.

The UAE recently announced the Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative, a national drive to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, making the Emirates the first Middle East and North Africa (MENA) nation to do so.