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UAE launches National Program for Coders

Initiative in collaboration with Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, IBM


The UAE has launched a major initiative to foster the growth of the digital economy. The ‘National Program for Coders’ will introduce a series of national initiatives to develop talent, expertise, and innovation in the field of coding. The initiative seeks to accelerate the adoption of digital applications and tools in various economic and future-oriented sectors by promoting close links and interaction between coders and public and private organizations and academic entities.

Growth of the digital economy is a major priority for the government. Nurturing and empowering advanced skills represents a major pillar of the nation’s strategy for building a thriving digital future driven by advances in science, knowledge, innovation, and technology. The UAE’s success in digital and technological transformation is a key enabler of its strategic plans.

The program has been introduced in collaboration with Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), LinkedIn, Nvidia, and Facebook, with the aim of training and attracting 100,000 coders, establishing 1,000 digital companies within five years and increasing investment in startups from AED 1.5 billion to AED 4 billion.

The UAE aims to establish 1,000 startups in the field of digital economy in the UAE within five years and enables coding entrepreneurs, businesses, and startups to support digital transformation in various key sectors. It also seeks to provide opportunities for fostering collaboration between government and private sector entities in the UAE and abroad to implement promising ideas and turn them into comprehensive projects.

The National Program for Coding will grant Golden Visas to 100,000 of the world’s best coders. It will also provide a range of financing options to entrepreneurs and coders, support the implementation of their innovative projects and ideas, and establish digital companies to promote the competitiveness of the national economy worldwide.

In its next phase, the program will invite coders from around the world to find innovative solutions to 100 government, economic, technological, health, and services challenges and help accelerate the adoption of modern technologies. It will also organize 10 hackathons, bringing together top-notch coders to support national efforts in developing an integrated system in the UAE based on the latest technologies.