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Dubai develops new Food Tech Valley

To grow tech-based food and incubate research


Dubai has launched Food Tech Valley, an initiative that seeks to triple the UAE’s food production.

The initiative aims to create an integrated modern city that will serve as a hub for future clean tech-based food and agricultural products and an incubator for researchers, entrepreneurs, startups, and industry experts involved in developing solutions that have the potential to shape the future of the food industry.

The enclave will spearhead innovation and leverage collaborative networks to lead regional transformation and export knowledge on sustainable food systems globally.

It will support the use of technologies and applied research in food processing and agriculture and apply modern farming techniques – such as vertical farming, aquaculture, and hydroponics - to accelerate self-sufficiency in fresh food produce and reduce wastage of resources.

Food Tech Valley is the outcome of a partnership between the Ministry of Food and Water Security and Wasl Properties to explore urban planning of future smart and food-independent cities. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, Food Tech Valley aims to achieve the objectives of the National Food Security Strategy 2051 and support a diversified knowledge-based economy.

Food Tech Valley will host vertical farms, an advanced smart food logistics hub, research and development facilities, and a marketplace. Driven by a circular economy model, the enclave will bring together companies, investors, and researchers in a sustainable agribusiness ecosystem to develop the latest aquaculture and hydroponics technologies. Over 300 varieties of crops will be produced in the new city using modern farming techniques and the latest agri technologies.

Through an innovation-based approach to food, the new site aims to enhance local food production, diversify investments, and advance research to align and influence future food trends and preferences. It will act as a global hub for startups, SMEs, and international companies with a wide range of expertise to exchange knowledge in the food industry.

The size of the agtech market is expected to grow from USD 13.5 billion to USD 22 billion over the next four years.

The enclave follows the basic principles of establishing flexible legislative frameworks for the food industry, leveraging joint collaborations and global trade networks to reach markets, and providing immediate and comprehensive services for food processing companies in Dubai at competitive costs.

With food and beverage investments in the UAE currently totaling AED 62 billion, Food Tech Valley will contribute to attracting further local and foreign direct investments in promising projects that help diversify the national economy and develop the supply chain and logistics services.