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Dubai approves 3 key development strategies

Food security, emergency medical services, flexible mobility in the limelight


The Executive Council of Dubai has approved three key strategies related to food security, emergency medical services, and flexible mobility.

Food Security Strategy

During a meeting held at the headquarters of Expo 2020 Dubai, the Executive Council approved the Food Security Strategy, which is aligned with the National Food Security Strategy. The strategy aims to diversify food import sources, enhance local production, reduce food wastage, enhance food safety and quality, and build the city’s preparedness to face crises.

It also classifies food products based on four criteria including nutritional content, the importance of the product for consumers, level of demand, and products that are irreplaceable and are used as raw material for other products. Dubai’s strong infrastructure and position as a strategic global logistics hub are expected to ensure the success of the strategy.

Emergency Medical Services Strategy

The Council also approved Dubai’s Emergency Medical Services Strategy, which seeks to enhance collaboration between public and private healthcare sectors to provide the highest levels of healthcare services. The strategy also seeks to ensure high levels of readiness and responsiveness of emergency medical services during Expo 2020.

Comprehensive Flexible Mobility Plan

The Council approved the Comprehensive Flexible Mobility Plan for Dubai, which seeks to adopt the latest advances in public transit infrastructure and promote alternative modes of transportation that can help reduce the carbon footprint. As per the strategy, 23% of Dubai’s population will commute using public transportation by 2025, a goal that will help improve road safety. The strategy will serve 1.5 million inhabitants, or 40% of Dubai residents. As part of the new strategy, pedestrian crossings, speed bumps, bike lanes, and parking slots will be significantly increased.

Expo 2020 Dubai is expected to create new opportunities for speeding up economic recovery in the post-COVID-19 era.

Dubai is emerging as a global destination of choice for talent and an international hub for sharing knowledge ideas and innovation. Expo 2020 Dubai will significantly support this.

The Council also issued directives to make COVID-19 vaccination available to official representatives of countries participating in Expo 2020 Dubai.