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Dubai slashes price of PCR testing

USD 40 price for COVID-19 test at DHA facilities


The price of PCR COVID-19 tests at all Dubai Health Authority (DHA) facilities have been slashed to AED 150 (USD 40).

The reduced price will apply only to DHA primary healthcare centers, hospitals, clinics and screening centers. At private hospitals and clinics, the cost of PCR tests is still capped at AED 250 (USD 68), DHA said.

This is expected to make COVID-19 screening more accessible and encourage more residents to get tested.

Abu Dhabi also reduced its PCR test prices recently.

The test remains free of charge for those suspected to have contracted the virus and others who are classified under vulnerable groups.

PCR tests - or polymerase chain reaction tests - are generally seen as the most accurate method of detecting the virus. With a nasal swab taken from a person, PCR tests look for traces of the virus in a sample to determine a positive or a negative result.