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UAE authorizes emergency use of COVID-19 vaccine

For those on the first line of defense


The UAE has authorized the emergency use of the COVID-19 vaccine, making it available to those in the first line defense who are most at risk, protecting them from any danger that they may be exposed to due to the nature of their work.

The emergency use is compatible with the regulations and laws that allow a faster review of licensing procedures.

The UAE’s leadership has taken an integrated set of decisions to deal with the pandemic since the beginning of its spread in the country and has made all efforts to support the health sector by providing all resources needed, while supporting scientific progress to find effective and definitive solutions.

Results from the pre-clinical study and the first and second phase trials showed that the vaccine is safe and effective. The third phase with a large number of volunteers is progressing well.

The UAE is still at the forefront of countries around the world in the number of total examinations in relation to the population, surpassing 8 million tests since the start of the pandemic.

The UAE hosts a number of advanced clinical trial facilities, supporting the participation of 31,000 volunteers from 125 nationalities. The vaccine will be provided to individuals working on the first line of defense as this group interacts with those infected.