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First-ever Ministry of Possibilities has no single minister

The UAE Ministry will launch proactive services, spot talent, update structures, and improve systems


The UAE has launched the first-ever Ministry of Possibilities, which will have no minister and will handle significant national issues including building new government systems in preparation for the future.

The unconventional ministry will work on several projects, including provision of proactive services to the public, and development of an online platform to facilitate government purchases and shorten the time from 60 days to 6 minutes.

The ministry will also be tasked with devising specialized systems to uncover talent in every child in the UAE.

The ministry will function without a minister. Instead, it will be run by the Cabinet members, regulate government systems, and encourage proactive thinking.

The ministry’s vision is based on reconceptualizing the government’s model of work by setting up a platform for a fundamental change and developing solutions to difficult challenges.

In the first phase of its work, the new ministry will have the following departments:

  • Proactive services
  • Behavior incentives
  • Skill discovery
  • Government procurement

The ministry’s responsibilities include the development of preemptive fundamental solutions to address certain national issues within a specific time schedule.

A team composed of officials from various federal and local government bodies, private sector, and individuals will be set up to carry out joint assignments.

The ministry, based in AREA 2071 at Emirates Towers, will house a database management department that aims to support decision-makers, encourage exchange of knowledge between all entities, enhance capacity-building, and stimulate the culture of discovery and trial.

The department of proactive services will design a special customer experience and offer pre-order services in various areas of government work. A special team of members representing various government entities and experts in data analysis will run the department.

The department of behavior incentives aims to encourage positive behaviors and good practices among community members through a rewards system, which will grant points to committed individuals. Points will be given in a form of digital currency that can be used for public transactions.

The skill discovery department will create a conducive environment that serves as an incubation for skilled Emiratis and foster skills to be harnessed in supporting development and building the future.

The department of government procurement is tasked with developing a government purchasing system, and supporting Emirati entrepreneurs who have small and medium enterprises to benefit from e-commerce innovations.


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