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Concreative opens 3D concrete printing facility

Dubai 3D Printing Strategy to make city a global hub for the technology


Concreative opened its first design-build factory in Dubai in June 2019 to meet the future demands of the regional market of the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai introduced a strategic 3D printing strategy in 2016 with the goal of basing a quarter of its new buildings on 3D printing technology by 2030 and thus becoming a leading global 3D printing hub by the end of the next decade.

Concreative uses a technology patented by XtreeE. The technology consists in extruding concrete layer by layer, with each layer printed via a digitally controlled nozzle.

The 3D concrete printing technology frees architects from the restrictions of standardised formwork. It offers a way to design and build complex concrete architectural and structural elements, deliver personalized, customized solutions and control cost and time to market. Its many advantages include cement savings of up to 70 percent, construction close to where it is needed and in areas that are difficult to access, and less arduous, less dangerous worksites.

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